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For your agenda and ask for appointment, we will attend on the following events with the Madagascar Tourism Board:


- Italia Salon international TTG Incontri - Rimini: 9 - 11 October 2014

- WTM LONDON: 3-6 November 2014



Welcome to our website and welcome to Madagascar!


Ramartour is a family run business with an emphasis on value-for-money and the human touch. Our team, led by Jonah Ramampionona (Malagasy) and Wendy van Tilburg (Dutch), is ready to make your trip unforgettable.


We genuinely delight in sharing Madagascar with you and creating a memorable holiday for you to treasure and tell your friends about.

On our website you can find our tour offers that bring you to the different regions of Madagascar. They will give you a general idea of what to expect, but we customize most of our tours according to your wishes.

As we are based in Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital, we are proud to call ourselves destination specialists and all our products have been selected by our team after visiting and experiencing what each of the destinations and accommodations have to offer.
We are a young and dynamic team that offers an intimate customer experience! By using Ramartour you will be dealing with the best and most connected tour operator for your holiday in Madagascar.


So, please ...Let us guide you!




Jonah Ramampionona


function: managing director, tour sales

favorite animal: Fosa (big wild cat)

favorite place: Mountain d'Ambre NP

loves one day to visit: New York City





Valerio Raharison


function: tour booking, guide, driver 

favorite animal: Brookesia micra

favorite place: Majunga

Loves one day to visit: Hollywood, California


Fabiene Ravaotahiana


function : tour booking, guide  

favorite animal: Long necked giraffa

favorite place: Ste Marie

Loves one day to visit: Australia


Mbola Tsarafilahy


function: administration

favorite animal: Fody (red rice bird)

favorite place: Ambohimanga Rova

Loves one day to visit: The Chinese Wall



Tanana Rakotoson


function: tour guide

favorite animal: Crocodile

favorite place: Tsiribihina River

Loves one day to visit: Europe



Joel Zakatiana


function: Tour sales, tour booking, driver, guide

favorite animal: Ring-tailed Lemur

favorite place: Andasibe NP

Loves one day to visit: USA


please note that you will meet the rest of our team locally here in Madagascar!


love to meeting you in person, see you...


Please remember that the tourist visa is 0 Ariary

when you stay less than 30 days! more ->


Member of Tourism Board of Madagascar (ONTM) and TOP Madagascar










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   ...Let us guide you!