Real Indian Ocean’s discovery

21 day tour
  • Duration
    18 days inland
  • Best period
    March till December
  • Region
    La Reunion and Madagascar Island
  • Car
  • Guide
  • Price from
    3 599 Eur
  • Max persons
  • Bed & Breakfast
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Real Indian Ocean’s discovery is tour combination of La Reunion Island and Madagascar.

This combination tour can be tailored for individual, family or small group not more than 10 participants, we will give you unique experience of each, we will provide unique services per island visits through cultural, nature and adventure visits on the itinerary.

Daily program:

Day 1: Arrival at Roland Garros Saint Denis Airport. (Air Austral) – West Coast.
Airport reception, quick briefing and transfer to the Salazie cirque. Departure to Hell-Bourg, various stops on the most beautiful natural and cultural sites of the north of the island like the waterfall Niagara and the temple of the Colossus, before to discover the circus of Salazie. visit of the vanilleraie and meeting with the farmers, who perpetuate the tradition for several generations. Located in the east of the island, Salazie is the greenest and most lush of the three cirques of the island. All along the road that leads to the heart of the cirque, you can admire all the waterfalls and abundant vegetation of the circus. Hell Bourg is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Visit the Maison Folio and the authentic Creole huts.

Dinner and overnight in bed and breakfast

Day 2: Discovery of the forest of Bélouve:

Accompanied by your naturalist guide and a renowned botanist, all your senses will be awakened through this unforgettable walk in the heart of the Primary Forest. Between the tree ferns, the “Tamarins des Hauts” and the woods of colors, the path then continues in the forest to reach the point of view on the largest of the waterfalls of the island: The Iron Hole. Creole picnic in the heart of the forest. The return will be made by the same way to the lodging of Bélouve (2 hours), then to Hell-Bourg.

Night in bed and breakfast.

Day 3: Routes des laves

In the morning, head for one of the most beautiful rivers in the east, for an activity of active discovery of the natural heritage: aquatic hiking. During the aquatic hike, plants, reptiles, birds and other species will be discovered and identified for the pleasure of the eyes in the utmost silence. Lunch break. After lunch, take the “Route des Laves” which separates Sainte-Rose from Saint-Philippe. A few stops will allow you to take some pictures in the middle of these impressive ancient flows, before entering the underground world of the volcano.

Once equipped with a helmet and a lamp, knee pads, and gloves we will walk to the entrance of a unique place in the world: the lava tunnels of Piton de La Fournaise.

With your guide you will discover an unusual world.

You will progress slowly in an environment of black, anthracite gray and red and will emerge from this experience by having another look on the Piton de la Fournaise.

Installation and overnight in charming cottage.

Day 4: direction to discover green Gecko of Manapany

In Saint-Philippe you will be in authentic Reunion. This small village, between fishing and weaving of Vacoas, shelters one of the most beautiful tropical forests of the South (the primary forest of Mare Longue) which you will discover with your guide during a stroll on the botanical trail. The Mare Longue forest is a unique primary tropical forest. This vestige of the lowland tropical rainforest is a true botanical wealth. After 2 centuries of intense deforestation, less than 7% of the original rainforest remains in Reunion Island, located mainly in Saint Philippe. The primary forest of Mare Longue, miraculously surviving, is the richest rainforest of Réunion. Through the botanical trail, you will discover the richness of endemic plants and colorful woods. Then you will leave for a visit of the Garden of Perfumes and Spices, in the heart of the primary forest that will enchant all your senses and you will discover the native and endemic plants of the island of Reunion. Creole lunch.

After lunch, Manapany direction for an unexpected encounter with one of the ultra-endemic inhabitants of the reunion: The green Gecko of Manapany. (activity may be subject to change) The green Manapany gecko (phelsuma inexpectata) is only found in the south of the island, on an extremely narrow coastline of eleven kilometers long. The number of individuals is estimated between 3000 and 5000. Classified as “critically endangered”, this little lizard will have no more secrets for you because you will participate in a workshop of discovery and protection, by planting the species of “refuge” plants that will ensure the sustainability of this species.

Day 5: day for volcanos

Early departure for the Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. After a few stops offering unique views of the volcanic terrain of the south of the island, you will cross the plain of sands, beautiful lunar landscape, to join the Pas de Bellecombe. Accompanied by your guide, you will then start a hike of about 5 hours to return to the main crater of the volcano. Volcanism will then have no secrets for you! Traditional restaurant lunch

After walking the Piton de la Fournaise in the morning, you will have the opportunity to complete your discovery by visiting the Cité du Volcan, scientific and educational space to understand everything about the volcanic activity and geological formation of the island of Reunion . Arrival at the hotel in the West in the late afternoon for a well deserved rest.

Day 6: responsible day

Make way for an active morning or you will go to a pilot beach for the rehabilitation of sea turtle clutches. The implementation of this project involves the re-planting of heritage plant species playing the role of beach preservation against noise and light pollution, protection of the nests against heat for incubation of eggs and trampling, and olfactory attraction sea ​​turtles. After this participatory workshop, you will then be immersed in the heart of the subject by going to meet the small protected turtle conservation center: the Kélonia museum. Creole lunch

In the afternoon, from the spot of “Trou d’eau”, you will discover the largest lagoon of the island in a playful and original way with transparent kayaks, closer to the coral reef. Accompanied by a professional guide and a waterproof plate representing the fish and coral reef, you will observe safely the riches that offer us the fauna and flora underwater coast of the Reunion. THE PLUS: your guide will take you directly to the most beautiful areas of the lagoon. Free swimming. Night and dinner at the Saline les Bains

Day 7: La Reunion to Madagascar Diego Suarez

Morning transfer to the airport. Flight Madagascar precisely to Diego Suarez-Antsiranana, upon arrival meeting our representatives. Some briefings, before the transfer to the hotel in Ramena, is 20 km from the airport. Along the way, you will see “Sugar Loaf”, a rocky island of volcanic origin, located in Andovobazaha Bay or French Bay. Check and lunch at the hotel then in the afternoon you will accompanied to visit  the village Ramena, a fishermen village with a beach of 3km long, typical of coral sea and the busiest of Diégo Suarez. Overnight at your Hotel

Day 8: three bays visit

Breakfast at the hotel then we will start our adventure to learn more the difference between the beautiful baies: (Sakalava Bay, Dune Bay, Pigeon Bay). At Sakalava Bay you can reserve some time or snowboarders with this superb wave.  The dune bay is home to 4km of beach, which is home to various species of birds. The bay of the pigeons, this site is known by its calm environment. In one of these baies, the fresh lunch will be served at the beach in order to enjoy the view and the nature. End of afternoon we will return back to the Hotel in Ramena

Day 9:  Ramena to Amber Mountain

After breakfast, Passage on the botanical garden, where you could see the Baobab Suarensis, endemic to Madagascar then we drive to Diego Suarez to discover this city named after colonial name stems from two Portuguese admirals, who arrived there in 1506. Diego has its share of esthetically pleasing but faded and dilapidated old colonial buildings, shops and vibrant markets. After the city tour, continuation till Amber Mountain rain forest. Overnight in hotel

Day 10: Amber Mountain visit

Morning departure to the entrance park of Amber Mountain Park.  It’s an isolated rainforest and as such, the amount of endemic in its flora and fauna is high part of that is the smallest chameleon named “Brookesia minima”. Distinctive features of the massif include four crater lakes and three much-photographed waterfalls. There are several trails fanning out from the picnic spot to choose from. You can also opt for an extra evening walk to see the nocturnal species. Overnight in hotel

Day 11: Amber Mountain to Ankarana

Today we will drive to southwards passing by the red Tsingy. According to this name, a landscape of red earth with its Tsingy forms less sharp. The color of this Tsingy changes according to the time of day and without forgetting, the sacred lake of Anivorano, to which the inhabitants always revered to crocodile. Continuation to national park of Ankarana in where dwell the Tsingy (limestone pinnacle) plateaus. Meaning we will have half day visit at this park. The Tsingy are probably the most unusual feature among Madagascar’s many extraordinary natural phenomena. Besides the spectacular Tsingy there are caves and subterranean rivers with underground-dwelling Nile crocodiles, blind cave fish, eels and shrimps. The caves are frequented by an abundance of bats. By day, crowned lemurs and northern ring-tailed mongooses are easily seen. After dusk, common tenrecs, striped civets, Fosa, noisy Ankarana sportive lemurs, mouse lemur and at least 13 species of bat become active. As is the case with many of Madagascar’s protected areas, the reptile and bird list is too long to describe. Overnight in Hotel

Day 12: Ankarana to Antsohihy

Departure to Antsohihy (322km), Some where in the day we will visit  a run local spices plantation and meet with the grower, in this location you will able to learn more about our famous spices such as Vanilla, green peper, cocoa… followed by short tour of the village of Ambanja, arrival in Antsohihy we will be received in small village in where we will sleep in small guest house representing the authenticity of the region, we will participate with cuisine work shop in which you be a grand souvenir of this expedition. Overnight in guest house

Day 13: Antsohihy

This day will be dedicated to volunteer on helping a local project of Mangrove protecting, this type of trees is not only protecting the land sides but as well guaranteeing the local food additional for local people. Lunch will be served by the women’s community in when folkloric show is dedicated for you in order to learn more about the culture and life style. End of afternoon returning back to the guest house

Day 14: Antsohihy to Ankarafantsika

After breakfast we will start to drive to Ankarafantsika deciduous forest in where we will reserve a night walk to discover the nocturnal fauna. Overnight at Lodge

Day 15: Ankarafantsika

All day visit at Ankarafantsika Park, in where you could discover 8 rare species of lemurs, giant baobabs like Andasonia Madagascariensis and various lakes. A place that offers you all types of landscape in middle of nowhere. Overnight at Lodge

Day 16: Ankarafantsika to Ambohitantely

Departure to Ankarafantsika towards Ambohitantely (340km). Along the way, you will see the change of landscape that included between the landscape of East and West sceneries. We will reserve a stop at  Betsiboka River for picnic lunch and as well understanding how harming the Island is the slush and burn in which is one of the local people activities. Upon arrival in Ambohtantely we will install tents prepare dinner and if time allows, we will reserve a walk to the botanical garden before all. Overnight in tent

Day 17: Ambohitantely

Morning visit at the Ambohitantely Special Reserve from 2 to 3 hours of tours. This reserve offers fauna and flora such as the endemic palm tree, lemurs and 17 species of amphibians, in addition the beautiful waterfalls in where local people use to make their own cult to ancestors. Lunch at the camp and the end at afternoon we will start to head back to the capital. Overnight in Hotel

Day18: Antananarivo – out

The last day will be dedicated to explore around and visit the craft market in case you would like to opt some gifts, afterward transfer to the International airport for the flight back home


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