National Park | Tsingy de Bemaraha

National Parks and reserves
  • Province
  • Climate
    Dry warm
  • Average temperature
  • Elevation
  • Area km²
  • Coordinates
    18° 40′ , 44° 45′
  • Established
  • The best time to visit
    March till mid December
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Parc National des Tsingy de Bemaraha is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and its highlights are the jagged, limestone pinnacles known as ‘tsingy’ and the impressive infrastructure ‘via ferrata’. Those are the mountain routes equipped with fixed cables, stemples ladders and bridges that the park has put in place to explore them. Formed over centuries by the movement of the water, and often towering several hundred meters into the air, the serrated peaks makes an amazing view when you are on top. As a visitor you will stay at the small village of Bekopaka near the Manambolo river.

Small Tsingy

The small Tsingy called  ‘Petits Tsingy’ near Bekopaka, is the most accesible section of the park. There are seven hiking circuits in this area, ranging from an easy 1,5 hour walk with walkways and easy bridges, to a preaty serious six-hour circuit requiring you to abseil a 30m cliff. Many involve a section by pirogue through the stunning Manambolo River Gorges.

 Big Tsingy

The much larger big Tsingy called ‘Grands Tsingy’ lie 17 km north of bekopaka and are the most impressive. Most visitors drive to start of the two circuits, which follow a fantastic ‘via ferrata’. There is no climbing equipment required, you just wear a harness, which you clip to the cables and ladders in the park.