In general Madagascar is hot and boasts a favourable subtropical climate but as you move inland into the more mountainous areas, colder temperatures can be found. The seasons are divided into two main seasons, the rainy season (the hot season) which is from November to March and the dry season (the cooler season) which is from April to October. In General, the best time to travel in most areas is in April untill October/November.

The west and the south-west regions will get extremely hot during the summer months, but during the winter  these regions are very pleasant to stay, with cooler temperatures and less rain.

The average annual rainfall ranges between 1000 to 1500mm. The heaviest rainfall occurs along the coastal regions between May and September with an average precipitation between 2000mm to 3000mm.

Average monthly temperatures toward the inland in places such as Antananarivo range from 9-20 degrees Celsius in July to 16-29 degrees Celsius in December.

Average maximum temperatures along the coast range from 25 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius (hotter in summer).

During the rainy season roads can be really tough to travel on and during December, January and February it is advised not to visit  these areas because of the large amounts of tropical cyclones.