About us


Slået op af Ramartour Madagascar i Torsdag den 14. juni 2018

Ramartour is a family-run business focusing on value-for-money,  The company is specialized on customized tours with a personal touch. We are on our way to expand tourism services, not only focus on the international, but to include the domestic market as well, to allowing local people to explore their country’s amazing biodiversity.

Why to use our services?

  • We answer your request fast, thanks to our partners such as hotels, car rentals, guides… in whom we have been working with us for many years now.
  • Ramartour aims to improve and adapt the communications by using all the new tools, to keep in touch with you.
  • The Tour Operator aim to tailor the tours and matching the guest’s expectations to give the best and unique experience to our guests.
  • Our organisation limit our groups to 20 people in order to not disturb the environment, the unspoiled hospitality on our community-based tours.
  • We work on ‘’leave no trace concept’’, so we take our rubbish home, create new path always, use gas instead of wood when it’s possible in order not to contribute to deforestation.
  • Training is important for us to keep the staff up to date and to better serve you, sending them to evaluate tours at least once a year, experience exchange’s and sharing between all team are often. All these are to find out what we positively or negatively made on our services.
  • Our guests are asked to not to buy any items made from protected species, including crocodile skin, turtle shells, sea shells, coral and butterflies.
  • Guests are encouraged to buy only locally made handcrafts and use locally-owned hotels as much as possible.
  • We actively participate in the development of sustainability tourism in partnership with local communities-based Association through several projects in addition we use their local products that are ecologically sustainable, we respect cultural assets by working with the local communities involved.
  • Our company use the services of local providers that are ethical in business, we comply to Malagasy labor laws for all our staff.

By respecting those basic principles, we think we contribute to the preservation of our amazing island, it is our pleasure to share it with our guests.