Today there are 18 different tribes in Madagascar all sharing the same language, Malagasy. There are not many countries in the world that can communicate so easily despite all the cultural differences. The 18 ethnic divisions are the following:  Antefasy (East Coast, Farafangana);Betsimisaraka (Tamatave); Antemoro (East Coast, Manakara); Bezanozano (East, Moramanga); Antesaka (East Coast, Vangaindrano); Mahafaly (Southwest, Betioky and Ampanihy); Antankarana (North, Diego Saurez); Merina (Antananarivo); Antambahoaka (East Coast, Manajary); Sakalava (West, Tulear to Nosy Be); Antanosy (Fort Dauphin); Sihanaka (East, Ambatondrazaka); Antandroy (South, Ambovombe); Tanala (Forest region of the East); Bara (Centre South of Ihosy); Tsimihety (North East, Centre of Zafisoro and east region of Farafangana); Betsilio (Fianarantsoa); Mikea (South West, North of Tulear).

The Malagasy language is completely unrelated to any of the African languages and instead originated from Southern Borneo.